DFI Transloading Solutions

DFI Transload Solutions

Meeting the specific needs of each customer sometimes requires a unique can-do, do-all approach. This category is where Dunning Express shines. In conjunction with bulk liquid transport and trucking, DFI was formed to be able to transload commodities to meet the needs of our customers. 

The vast majority of our transloading services utilize the economic efficiencies found in shipping via rail. With the ability to transload bulk liquid from truck to rail, or from rail to truck, we are able to provide our customers with long-range access to commodities or sales that were once out of reach for traditional trucking moves. With multiple locations centrally located in the US, and access to major railroad lines, our customers can have the peace of mind to call one company to find a solution to a need as it arises, while avoiding costly interchange fees and time delays. 

If transloading is an option you have considered, but you do not have the assets to make this possible, DFI operates a small fleet of 25,500-gallon tanker cars. These cars are available for trip leasing, allowing your company to explore the potential efficiencies found in shipping via rail. 

At DFI, we realize the need to transload isn’t always utilizing bulk. Sometimes the need arises to fill IBC containers, ISO Tanks, or even barrels and drums with your commodity. DFI is able to utilize the same equipment to load and fill these various containers, as well as fit your shipping needs. 

In addition to these services, we also offer storage services for your rail assets when not in use. Natural disasters, economic downturns, trade negotiations, and plant maintenance can all potentially cause your rail assets to be flooded in a particular location. Due to the size of our rail yards, we are able to offer rail storage solutions to fit your needs at a cost much more reasonable than the rates commonly charged by the railroad themselves.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or needs. We will work hard and approach each situation efficiently to find a solution specifically catered to your company’s needs.

Rail Yard Locations

LocationRail ServiceInterchangesSpotsHazmatFood GradeBiofuelLiquid BulkDry BulkRailcar HeatLight Railcar MaintenanceRailcar CleaningTruck ScalesRail ScalesCarrier
Kansas City, KSUPUP, BNSF, KCS50*****Dunning Express
Kansas City, MOKCSUP, BNSF, KCS130********Dunning Express, Various
Elwood, KSUPUP, BNSF100*******Dunning Express, Various
Coming Soon: St. Joseph, MOUPUP, BNSF120**********Dunning Express, Various

Elwood, Kansas Rail Yard

Kansas City Rail Yard

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