Bulk Liquid Transporting

Bulk Liquid Transporting

At Dunning Express, we view every shipment as a relationship, whether it is one truckload or one hundred. With up-to-date equipment and driver training, we are able to stay compliant with the continuing changes to emissions and electronic log standards. Our customers are able to receive up-to-date imaging of asset location, as well as have the ability to view specific shipments on live GPS. This service, along with available dash cam footage, provides full transparency between each party. 

Along with our state-of-the-art tracking, we recognize, in this industry, the need to stay current and have the ability to manage the paper trails associated with each shipment. That’s why we have developed our own online system, allowing each driver to send in documents as proof of delivery upon receipt. This information will also include important details such as: commodity for verification, product weight or gallons, correct loading or bill of lading numbers, correct destinations and customers listed on shipping documents. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or needs you may have. We look forward to providing your company with innovative solutions to fit your needs. 

Common products hauled: animal fats, vegetable oils, biofuels, non-hazmat industrial greases and oils, co- or by-products, feed ingredients, food-grade commodities, light industrial waste waters and sludge, non-hazmat chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides and many more. 

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